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  • Caring for people with liver disease: A competence framework for nursing
    This competence framework describes the professional standards expected of practitioners when caring for people with liver disease across England. It acts as an essential document for all nurses whatever their clinical background and setting, and has been produced to provide a framework on which skills, knowledge and understanding can be assessed. It is designed to be used not only by nurses but also by other health care professionals working in primary and secondary care who work with people with or at risk from liver disease.
    UK, England Sep 2015 Other, Training PDF
  • Characteristics of an ideal Hepatitis C service - summary paper
    In this paper Siobhan Fahey, the Greater Manchester Programme lead for Hepatitis C, and Julie Cunningham, commissioning manager within the Commissioning Business Service (CBS), review the processes undertaken in engaging with stakeholder groups during the Greater Manchester HCV strategy. Stakeholder groups were given the opportunity to comment on what they thought were the key characteristics of an ideal Hepatitis C service in relation to the various parts of the care pathway.
    North West Jan 2010 Case study, Reports & Research, Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Charles Gore: A Call to HCV Action

    A video call to action from Charles Gore, Executive Director of the Medicines Patent Pool, and ex-CEO of The Hepatitis C Trust, President of the World Hepatitis Alliance and HCV Action steering committee member.

    UK, Rest of World 19 Nov 2013 Case study, Other Video
  • ChemSex and hepatitis C: a guide for healthcare providers
    A guide for healthcare providers on those at risk of contracting hepatitis C through ChemSex, featuring key facts, transmission risks, suggestions for engaging with those at risk, terms to be familiar with and a case study.
    UK Reports & Research, Tools & Templates PDF
  • Clinical Commissioning Policy Statement: Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in patients with cirrhosis
    This NHS England policy statement sets out the hepatitis treatments that will be routinely commissioned by NHS England for the treatment of chronic hepatitis in patients with cirrhosis. It also sets out how access to treatments will be organised with the setting up of Operational Delivery Networks from August 2015 and arrangements in the interim.
    England Jun 2015 Other, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Clinical Review of the Impacts of Hepatitis C: Short Life Working Group Report for the Scottish Government
    This independent clinical review commissioned by the Scottish Government assesses the impacts of chronic hepatitis C infection on the health and wellbeing of individuals affected by contaminated blood and blood products. The review recommends that Scottish Infected Blood Support Scheme beneficiaries should be able to self-assess regarding the effect hepatitis C has had on their life, and which level of payment they are entitled to as a result. In October 2018, the Scottish Government confirmed it would accept the recommendations of this report.
    Scotland Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Community case-finding strategies for viral hepatitis in UK migrant populations: the South East Coast England experience
    This poster details the experiences of Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in their efforts to offer community-based testing to the South Asian and Nepali community in the population served by the hospital. It highlights the successes that can be achieved through engaging with religious leaders; ensuring peer mentor support, and encouraging word-of-mouth promotion through motivated community figures.
    UK, England, South East Oct 2015 Other, Reports & Research PDF
  • Cumbria Liver Disease Profile
    This document, produced by Public Health England, provides an overview of liver disease in Cumbria. It includes key facts on hepatitis C in Cumbria, as well as a section on 'Questions you should ask locally', which aims to improve local prioritisation and management of hepatitis C.
    UK, England, North West Nov 2014 Reports & Research PDF
  • Database: Secondary care prison hospital contacts for hepatitis C treatment
    This database lists the hospital contact details of secondary care lead consultants and lead nurses in England responsible for hepatitis C treatment. The database lists the detention centre to which each hospital is connected, the hospital providing treatment, and the lead consultant and lead nurse's name, email address and telephone number. It is aimed at supporting the roll-out of opt-out blood-borne virus testing currently being implemented in prisons across England.
    England 2014 Tools & Templates MS Excel
  • Deaths from liver disease: Implications for end of life care in England - March 2012
    This report presents key facts about deaths from liver disease in England. It highlights differences in place and cause of death by age, sex and deprivation. It is aimed at commissioners and providers of end of life care, clinicians caring for patients with liver disease, and others concerned with providing quality end of life care for this patient group, including patients themselves and their carers. The report gives the first summary of high level statistics on deaths from liver disease on which future discussions can be built.
    England Mar 2012 Reports & Research PDF