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  • Public Health England Hepatitis C in England 2020 Report
    Public Health England published its annual 'Hepatitis C in England' report on 30th May 2020. This reporting document monitors the England's progress towards its goal of eliminating the virus by 2030 and contains breakdowns of how testing and treatment are being delivered by service type, demographic and local area. This year's report notes significant increases in treatment availability over the last few years. It also suggests there have been increases in access to treatment for the people who inject drugs.
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  • Drug-related infectious diseases in Europe: Update from the EMCDDA expert network, 2020
    This 2020 update on drug-related infectious diseases from the EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation with regard to the epidemiological picture of drug-related infectious diseases in Europe up to January 2020. It highlights some recent innovative responses to the problem and argues that early diagnosis through testing as well as improving links to treatment and care are crucial steps towards reaching global health goals.
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  • Guidance on Contingency Planning for People who use Drugs and COVID-19: Version 2.0
    This Scottish Drugs Forum-produced guidance is aimed at those planning and designing services as well as those managing and delivering services for people who use drugs, in particular those people on opioid substitution therapy (OST) and people who inject drugs. The guidance includes a section on blood borne virus (BBV) testing, noting that "all delayed BBV results from dry blood spot tests must be proactively followed up in a timely manner once COVID-19 related restrictions allow".
    Scotland 13 May 2020 Tools & Templates, Strategy & Planning PDF
  • Laboratory reports of hepatitis C in England and Wales: October to December 2019
    This report from Public Health England breaks down the number of laboratory reports of hepatitis C tests carried out in England and Wales between October and December 2019 by age and gender. A breakdown is also provided by ODN in England.
    England, Wales 28 Apr 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • Coronavirus: 7 steps leaflet
    A two-sided leaflet detailing the 7 steps people can take to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.
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  • Coronavirus - harm reduction leaflet
    This two-sided leaflet from The Hepatitis C Trust notes seven ways in which people who use drugs can protect themselves and others. Services are welcome to print and distribute the leaflet.
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  • World Hepatitis Alliance: 2019 Impact report
    This report provides an overview of the World Hepatitis Alliance's impact in 2019, summarising key achievements in raising the importance of hepatitis elimination around the world.
    Rest of World 08 Apr 2020 Reports & Research PDF
  • Delivering health and care for people who sleep rough
    Published in March 2020, this report from The King's Fund on health and care for people who sleep rough focusses on reducing barriers people face to accessing healthcare services and on commissioning appropriate services. The report argues that to improve health outcomes for people sleeping rough we need local authorities to team up with charities and community services; we need both a population health approach and a place-based approach; we need co-production with people with lived experience of sleeping rough; and we need staff working with this group to be properly recruited and supported.
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  • Routemap to eliminating hepatitis C in London: The Opportunity
    On 2nd March 2020, the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C (LJWG) launched a 'Routemap to eliminating hepatitis C in London'. This document sets out the opportunities for improving hepatitis C care in London, based around five pillars of improvement: reducing stigma; engaging people who are under-served by traditional health systems; working with GPs to find the undiagnosed; reducing pathway attrition; aligning hepatitis C and HIV public health efforts.
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  • Evaluation of HepCATT intervention in primary care services
    A new study published this week in the British Journal of General Practice looked at a randomised control trial run in 45 primary care practices in south west England called the Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment (HepCATT). The intervention aimed to increase case-finding, testing, and treatment of HCV through various initiatives in primary care, such as learning resources for staff, leaflets and information for patients, and software identifying patients with risk factors for hepatitis C infection.
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