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  • Unlinked Anonymous Monitoring (UAM) Survey of HIV and viral hepatitis among PWID: 2020 report
    The 2020 edition of the Unlinked Anonymous Monitoring (UAM) Survey of HIV and viral hepatitis among PWID contains a number of relevant updates on hepatitis C among injecting drug users, including: • The proportion of UAM participants with antibodies to hepatitis C (HCV) (i.e. ever infected) who have markers of chronic infection (RNA) has decreased from 58% in 2011 when it was first measured to 42% in 2019; this corresponds with the timing of the scale-up of direct acting antiviral treatment against HCV among PWID
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  • Lessons learnt from HepCATT for ODNs and GP practices
    This summary notes some of the lessons learnt from the HepCATT (Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment) Randomised Controlled Trial. HepCATT tested an Hepatitis C virus (HCV) case-finding intervention in primary care. The intervention involved: • Algorithm integrated into electronic patient records systems to identify high risk patients • Automatic mail-merge to create letters to invite high risk patients for testing • Pop-ups alerts in patient records to encourage opportunistic testing • Practice Staff HCV educational training
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  • Good practice case study: Pop-up hepatitis C testing for people in supported accommodation during the COVID-19 outbreak
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Everyone In’ policy meant that people who would otherwise be homeless were given accommodation in hotels. Surrey Operational Delivery Network, like many other ODNs, used this as an opportunity to engage with this cohort, offering testing and treatment for hepatitis C. This case study details how the team from Royal Surrey County Hospital and The Hepatitis C Trust were able to test people in these hotels and other forms of accommodation.
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  • Drug-related infectious diseases in Europe: Update from the EMCDDA expert network, 2020
    This 2020 update on drug-related infectious diseases from the EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the current situation with regard to the epidemiological picture of drug-related infectious diseases in Europe up to January 2020. It highlights some recent innovative responses to the problem and argues that early diagnosis through testing as well as improving links to treatment and care are crucial steps towards reaching global health goals.
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  • Coronavirus: 7 steps leaflet
    A two-sided leaflet detailing the 7 steps people can take to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.
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  • Coronavirus - harm reduction leaflet
    This two-sided leaflet from The Hepatitis C Trust notes seven ways in which people who use drugs can protect themselves and others. Services are welcome to print and distribute the leaflet.
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  • Delivering health and care for people who sleep rough
    Published in March 2020, this report from The King's Fund on health and care for people who sleep rough focusses on reducing barriers people face to accessing healthcare services and on commissioning appropriate services. The report argues that to improve health outcomes for people sleeping rough we need local authorities to team up with charities and community services; we need both a population health approach and a place-based approach; we need co-production with people with lived experience of sleeping rough; and we need staff working with this group to be properly recruited and supported.
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  • Routemap to eliminating hepatitis C in London: The Opportunity
    On 2nd March 2020, the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C (LJWG) launched a 'Routemap to eliminating hepatitis C in London'. This document sets out the opportunities for improving hepatitis C care in London, based around five pillars of improvement: reducing stigma; engaging people who are under-served by traditional health systems; working with GPs to find the undiagnosed; reducing pathway attrition; aligning hepatitis C and HIV public health efforts.
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  • Evaluation of HepCATT intervention in primary care services
    A new study published this week in the British Journal of General Practice looked at a randomised control trial run in 45 primary care practices in south west England called the Hepatitis C Assessment Through to Treatment (HepCATT). The intervention aimed to increase case-finding, testing, and treatment of HCV through various initiatives in primary care, such as learning resources for staff, leaflets and information for patients, and software identifying patients with risk factors for hepatitis C infection.
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  • Infected Blood Inquiry expert report on psychosocial issues
    In February 2020, the Infected Blood Inquiry published this expert report on psychosocial issues resulting from being infected by hepatitis C, HIV and hepatitis B through contaminated blood on the NHS in the 1980s and 90s.
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