Teaching and Training for Hepatitis C Consultants (2009)


04 Nov 2010 by Dr Katy Harrison, Research Fellow at University of Manchester and Angela Pilkington, Project Assistant at University of Manchester. NHS Association of Manchester PCTs
This project aimed to determine the training and knowledge requirements of consultants wishing to specialise in the treatment of Hepatitis C (HCV). It provides a series of recommendations for the development of appropriate training and resources to support the continued growth of the specialism. These recommendations are based on feedback obtained from semi-structured interviews undertaken with consultants currently specialising in the field of hepatitis treatment. The authors found a general consensus that a formal training programme for consultants entering the field of HCV treatment is not required, though an information pack with information for new starters and business plan would be beneficial. All consultants agreed that MRI and NMGH should be central in providing support and advice for other treatment sites.
North West