Liver Disease: Today's Complacency, Tomorrow's Catastrophe. The All-Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group (APPHG) Inquiry into Improving Outcomes in Liver Disease


Out of disappointment at the persistent failure to develop a comprehensive approach to tackling liver disease, The All-Party Parliamentary Hepatology Group (APPHG) decided to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the growing epidemic of liver disease. It invited evidence from Royal Colleges, clinicians, patients, charities, relevant industry figures, the NHS, Public Health England and the Government, in order to establish what needs to be done to improve outcomes for liver disease patients and save lives. The Inquiry listened carefully to the accounts of all of these stakeholders, and the resounding message to emerge is that much, much more needs to be done at all levels of the health service to address liver disease. The rise of liver disease has been ignored for too long. If action is not taken now, before long every one of us will know somebody with cirrhosis, end stage liver disease or liver cancer. The implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 marks a turning point for the NHS. With concerted action, it could also pave the way for a turning point in tackling liver disease. The following report details clear recommendations for achieving a positive step-change in preventing liver disease and improving outcomes for liver patients.