Hepatitis C Action Plan for Scotland Phase II: May 2008 – March 2011


May 2008 by Scottish Government
The Phase II Hepatitis C Action Plan follows the Scottish Government's first Hepatitis C Action Plan, published in September 2006. A significant strand of the plan is about improving testing, treatment, care and support services for those infected, with a major emphasis placed on increasing the number of people receiving treatment. The plan also recognises and addresses the social care needs and drug addiction problems of infected persons through actions aimed at improving links between clinical, addiction and mental health services. The importance of prevention is acknowledged through several actions, particularly those designed to reduce the sharing of needles/syringes and other injecting equipment by injecting drug users. The Scottish Government’s investment also aims to provide a step change in the monitoring and surveillance activities currently undertaken, ensuring that we can actively monitor and assess progress and success over the coming three years. In all, the Hepatitis C Phase II Action Plan amounts to intervention on an industrial scale; an investment in the public health of Scotland that should, over the longer term, significantly reduce the problem of Hepatitis C in Scotland. With its Phase II Action Plan, Scotland is leading the way in the UK and is at the forefront of action in Europe in tackling Hepatitis C. Moreover, in this 60th Anniversary Year of the National Health Service, it puts forth this Action Plan as an example of the NHS at its best: working with its key partners to significantly improve the health of the people of Scotland.