HCV Action good practice film: Nurse-led hepatitis C testing and treatment at Brownlow Health Practice, Liverpool

Sep 2014 by HCV Action
In this good practice film, HCV Action interviews Jayne Wilkie, Hepatitis C Community Nurse, and Dr Diane Exley from the Brownlow Health Practice in Liverpool. Brownlow Health's unique primary care model of testing, diagnosis and treatment for hepatitis C through a Hepatitis C Community Nurse has led to significant positive outcomes locally. In particular, diagnoses have been increased, do not attends reduced, treatment initiations increased, and the burden has been eased on secondary and tertiary services in Liverpool. Jayne and Diane tell HCV Action about why and how the service was established, as well as detailing how it has developed into a highly successful model of how hepatitis C can be managed in a primary care setting.
Case study
UK, England, North West