About us

HCV Action Ambassador Network

The HCV Action Ambassador Network is a locally-driven network of individuals working in the hepatitis C community who are committed to working to improve hepatitis C care in their region.

Each of the Ambassadors (who are located in areas visited by HCV Action roadshows) undertake activities with the aim of improving the way in which hepatitis C is addressed in that region, and highlight examples of good and innovative practice that is occurring locally.

HCV Action Ambassadors are the figureheads for our work in their region. With our support, they continue the discussions that take place at our HCV Action roadshows, and work with relevant stakeholders to tackle any local challenges affecting hepatitis C services and strategy in their area.

Our Ambassadors come from a range of professional backgrounds, but are united in a desire to improve the lives of people with hepatitis C by promoting efforts to develop ever-more ambitious approaches to tackling the virus in their area.

The work of each Ambassador is dependent upon local issues, but generally focus on:

  • Supporting the development and efficacy of Operational Delivery Networks; highlighting issues or promoting areas and services that are working well.
  • Working with commissioners of drug services to ensure that hepatitis C testing and care is part of commissioned services.
  • Raising the profile of hepatitis C and the need for awareness and testing activities with GPs, councillors and local authorities. 

Who are the HCV Action Ambassadors?

We currently have eight HCV Action Ambassadors from areas across the country. They are:

If you would like to become an HCV Action Ambassador for your area, please contact hcvaction@hepctrust.org.uk for more information.