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  • HCV Action good practice case study: The Hepatitis C Trust's Testing Van
    This HCV Action case study provides an example of good practice in hepatitis C awareness and testing of hard-to-reach groups. It includes an overview of The Hepatitis C Trust's testing van project and the issues it aims to address, and details the outputs and outcomes from the project. This written case study can be read alongside HCV Action's good practice testing van video.
    UK May 2014 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Waverley Care Self Management Programme
    This good practice case study looks at the Waverley Care Self Management Programme. The programme involves the delivery of workshops to people with hepatitis C, which focus on issues such as self-identity, confidence, self-esteem, goal setting and problem solving, with the aim of supporting people with hepatitis C to make informed choices regarding their lifestyle choices and improve the knowledge that they have of their condition.

    The case study explains details why the programme was established, how it works, and the outcomes that it has achieved.
    UK, Scotland Apr 2016 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action good practice case study: Widening access to treatment for PWIDs in Tayside
    This HCV Action good practice case study looks at the Tayside Hepatitis C Managed Care Network (MCN), and its work in making testing and treatment as accessible as possible to people who inject drugs. Established in 2004, the MCN has introduced a number of highly effective facets to its referral and treatment pathway, including the use of non-medical referrals, outreach clinics, and the roll-out of dry blood spot testing in non-clinical settings. It acts as an excellent example of how to respond to the particular needs of cohorts who can often find it difficult to access services.
    UK, Scotland Nov 2014 Case study PDF
  • HCV Action good practice film: Addaction workforce development programme
    In this good practice film, HCV Action interviews David Badcock of Addaction and Stuart Smith of The Hepatitis C Trust, about the development and implementation of an Addaction workforce development programme, which aimed to improve awareness and knowledge of hepatitis C among Addaction staff. The programme was formed as a result of a partnership between Addaction and The Hepatitis C Trust, and involved the secondment of Stuart Smith, National Drug Services Lead at The Hepatitis C Trust, to Addaction to develop and deliver training to Addaction staff.
    UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Greater London Jan 2015 Case study, Training Video
  • HCV Action good practice film: Community-based treatment in Lambeth
    In this good practice film, HCV Action interview Katherine Oakes, Senior Nurse for Viral Hepatitis at Kings College Hospital, and Dee Cunniffe, Policy Lead and Project Manager at the London Joint Working Group on Substance Use and Hepatitis C. They talk about the outreach service established in Lambeth to provide specialist care to hepatitis C-infected substance users in the borough, which has a higher than average prevalence of hepatitis C among injecting drug users compared to London as a whole.
    UK, England, Greater London Feb 2015 Case study Video
  • HCV Action good practice film: CQUIN scheme in the East Midlands
    This HCV Action good practice film looks at the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) scheme which was established in the East Midlands in 2009. Running until 2013, the scheme rewarded local treating hospitals for sharing their data on the treatment adherence and sustained virological response (SVR) rates of their patients, and was extremely successful in highlighting, for example, where additional resources or focus were required. Despite ending in 2013, the practices that the scheme encouraged (i.e.
    UK, England, East Midlands Nov 2014 Case study Video
  • HCV Action good practice film: Nurse-led hepatitis C testing and treatment at Brownlow Health Practice, Liverpool
    In this good practice film, HCV Action interviews Jayne Wilkie, Hepatitis C Community Nurse, and Dr Diane Exley from the Brownlow Health Practice in Liverpool. Brownlow Health's unique primary care model of testing, diagnosis and treatment for hepatitis C through a Hepatitis C Community Nurse has led to significant positive outcomes locally. In particular, diagnoses have been increased, do not attends reduced, treatment initiations increased, and the burden has been eased on secondary and tertiary services in Liverpool.
    UK, England, North West Sep 2014 Case study Video
  • HCV Action good practice film: The Hepatitis C Trust Testing Van
    Jim Conneely, Outreach Officer at The Hepatitis C Trust, talks to HCV Action about his work on the testing van, raising awareness of hepatitis C and testing hard-to-reach groups. A local peer support worker, Basil Turner at Groundswell, also discusses the way in which his services link up with Jim's testing van, and a service user talks through his experiences.
    UK May 2014 Case study Video
  • HCV Action good practice film: The Hepatitis C Trust's Peer to Peer service
    In this good practice film, HCV Action interviews Archie Christian and Emma Ward from The Hepatitis C Trust about the hugely successful Peer to Peer service that they provide. The service primarily visits drugs services, and provides informal education and awareness sessions on hepatitis C to at-risk groups and drugs service staff. The film provides an overview of why the service was established; how it is delivered, and what results it has achieved since being set up in 2010.
    UK, Greater London Sep 2014 Case study Video
  • HCV Action good practice roadshow, South East prisons: Presentations
    Presentations from speakers at the HCV Action good practice roadshow held in Woking on November 28th 2019 focusing on best practice in testing and treating people with hepatitis C in prisons. Presentations covered good practice from around England as well as a national overview on the hepatitis C elimination deal from the National Lead for Public Health in secure and detained settings.
    UK, South East 06 Dec 2019 Training, Reports & Research, Strategy & Planning PDF